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Notes From The Road

I left Kansas City for Seattle yesterday to start my new life. The first day my brother and I drove all the way to Boulder for the first day. Our first stop was Avery Taproom. We both had tasters of Ellie's Brown, Ballsmack!!! Baltic Porter, and Seventeena highly hopped black lager. Then he had a Out of Bounds Stout and I had a 2006 Samael's Barrel Aged. As always the beer was great, only complaint about it really is that it is very loud in there so it is hard to have a conversation.

After that we went to Efrains II just down the road from Avery. We both got the Efrain spicy, which is a chef's choice plate. It was quite good, but it was SPICY!. We had to give in and ask for a side of sour cream. It is a good place to eat though, it was busy and good prices.

Today we were trying to go to Medovina Colorado Honeywine, then to New Belgium on the way to Yellowstone. Well that did not work out quite right. First Medovina does not seem to have a tasting room of any sort. Then New Belgium seems to close their tasting room on Sunday and Monday. Why a major brewery that is a well known would not have hours on a weekend is beyond me. It is not like there are state laws at play as Avery is open both of those days. Finally we got all the way to Lander, WY and decided that we did not have time to see anything in the park today and the prices would be higher there. So we stopped for the evening here. The plan now is to get up early and get through the park and as far west as we can that night.

There is one bonus. It seems that Lander has a brewpub, so that is where we are going to go for dinner tonight. I will try to post something about that once we get back to the hotel.


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