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Cider 2010 Part One

Since relocating to Seattle I have been very limited in my ability to brew. I am living with hollyking and hollyqueen so I have just my bedroom to operate with. Cider however does not take much space so I can manage that.

Yesterday we were out at the Redhook Sausagefest in Woodinville. There is a cider mill nearby that does not pasteurize, or treat thier cider in anyway. Since I knew I would be out in that area I had purchased some Wyeast Cider Yeast before hand. When we stopped at the mill they had three varieties of sweet cider on hand. A Homeblend, made from apples they grow on their own property. A sweet cider made from Honeycrisp apples, and one made from Gala apples. After tasting them I found that I liked the Homeblend best, but thought it needed a bit more sweetness. In the end I bought four gallons of the Homeblend and added a gallon of the Gala sweet cider to it. I now have it sitting in my closet bubbling away.

On the way home I did spot a couple of wild apple trees growing in a park. I think I am going to go down and harvest some to supplement the blend further. But there is a nature center in the park so I think I will talk to them first. I want those apples, but not enough to get a ticket over it.


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